Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & grout that is not properly maintained or that is cleaned with chemicals/cleaners that are too harsh can strip away any sealer opening up the tile or stone and the grout to dirt leaving you hopeless that they will ever look new again. Not to mention that mopping floors becomes less and less effective as the grout gets darker and darker.
The solution is no longer hands and knees and scrubbing the grout for hours on end. Cleanups hard surface cleaning system   begins with a special tile cleaner,  after which we manually scrub the grout lines to  remove that hard to get dirt and grime. This is all followed up by our special high pressure, high heat, spinner system. Think of it as a contained pressure washer system, that removes all excess water at the same time. No mess. We finish by wiping down the floors with a clean soft cloth to leave them looking new.
Sealers and finishes can be applied if necessary.


“We had no idea that our grout was supposed to be white… It looks incredible!”
-Jackie B

  • Residential

  • Other Hard Surface

  • Restaurant Kitchen Tile

  • Bathroom Floors

  • Bathroom Walls

  • Terrazo Flooring

  • Concrete

  • Garage Floors

  • Concrete Basements

  • Tile Countertops

  • Pool Decks

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  • Image Of Tile & Grout Cleaning

Insured Badge

We personally train and equip our employees and will never outsource to contractors to do our job. Cleanups is also licensed and fully insured, covering you in the case of broken or stolen property, coverage you would not have if employing an individual cleaner.

Cleanups Guarantee

We stand by our Every Clean, Every Time Guarantee. That’s why we offer a Re-Cleaning Guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied with our work, just call and let us know within 24 hours of your service, and we’ll re-clean at no additional charge.